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Children's Village

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About Us

We are a family-owned business and have been operating childcare centres since 2008. Our centres share a vision to provide an exceptional care and education program that nurtures children’s learning. Our director has been working in early childhood for over 30 years and has a range of experience behind her.

We highly value building partnerships with families; forming a team between educators and families to share decision making about their child’s learning and well-being.

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Our Curriculum

Our centre program reflects a Play-Based, Emergent Curriculum approach that is supported by contemporary research in Early Childhood Education. Emergent Curriculum recognises children’s interests and individual capabilities as being the driving force of their learning.

Observations, conversations and photographs are used to identify children’s interests which are documented in their individual portfolios, through photographs, daily day-books and displays throughout the centre. This information is then used as a basis for all indoor and outdoor experiences.

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Transition to School

Transitioning to school is the process and time in which children prepare to go to primary school. It is a major milestone in a child’s life and for you as parents too. Primary school does present new challenges; however, we as educators and caregivers can try to do our best to make this a positive experience for everyone. Nonetheless, we need to be sure that we do not place too much emphasis on the event because we don’t want to cause your child unnecessary stress.

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I love sending my kids to Children's Village Guildford. Amazing and caring educators who give the kids love and guidance. A very safe and welcoming environment. Highly recommend!!!

- Aula

The staff are so caring and attentive, and also very easy to communicate with. They are always open to suggestions, welcome feedback of any kind, and always striving to make things better. They really are like an extended family, and my daughter loves coming here.

- Jacqueline

High focus on Children’s overall learning, daily food intake, sports activity and overall growth. Can not thank enough to staff and management the way they are running and caring a Centre.


- Chintan

We love how they greet kids, how they train for their next stage, their building structure, education program, communication with parents, asking for feedback, treating everyone same and the list goes on.


- Prasad

The food in the centre is in good nutrition, we are really happy about it. Language is developing well. When we left the teacher gave us a thick book with all the photos for my child and his artwork.


- Lei

Upon pick up, my eldest usually shares something new that she's learnt on a daily basis. The staff always demonstrate great work ethics and professionalism. Staff and centre families show such positive rapport and we're happy that we are a part of this centre.

- Miko

From the annual Easter Hat parade to the Xmas parties, CV keeps you involved in your children’s development and truly care about your children as if they were their own.

- David

This is the first childcare I've seen that actually teaches and train the kids the alphabet, painting, drawing and numbers etcetera so that they are ready for big Kids school.


- Etivise

The food served to children is different and nutritional each day, management and educators regularly update me about my daughter's progress and the centre is always clean.

- Elizabeth

The centre has a very 'children come first' vibe and this was visible from day one. As a parent of a child with special needs, they have exceeded our expectation in including our child in every way possible.

- Leah

They ALL care about the children. No children are treated differently. They do new things and teach great educational things every single day. The hygiene is of the BEST standards! Never been to a place more sanitary and clean.

- Ayla

The staff is very friendly and co-operative. They have very effective formal and informal carer-parent communication methods and I personally can see the difference it brings in managing the children care by parent.

- Satish

Excellent centre!!! Staff and management are professional and friendly. They do follow a good educational program. The centre is clean and well maintained. Food served is nutritious and freshly prepared.

- Yasoda

Their attitude is great and staff is dedicated in overall improvement of your child, unlike other child care centres where their end goal is to just make money. Back end staff is very prompt too, they will assess all your needs and can tailor-make solutions considering your circumstances.

- Bhanu

The centre is very friendly and regularly gets parents feedback to improve children's learning. I have been associated with the centre for the last seven years and I would highly recommend the centre for young children.

- Ais

I am lucky that my son attending one of the best centres, and he is enjoying every moment. Staffs are friendly and looking after the kids very well, Peace of mind while I am at work 🙏

- Sangeetha