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Educational Programs & Practices

In relation to Educational Programs & Practice we believe:
  • That children’s knowledge and interests are the starting point for their ongoing learning.
  • That as professionals we are engaged in an ongoing learning process.
  • That through play children learn to ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking.
We achieve this by:

Listening to children’s voices and observing their interests in order to develop high-quality educational programs that support their development holistically; physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, creatively and morally. Educators will participate in an active process of reflection. We will stimulate and challenge children by providing planned and unplanned environments and experiences, based on all children’s needs, interests, knowledge and skills.

Children's Health & Safety

In relation to Children's Health & Safety we believe:
  • In the importance of caring for and protecting the children so that they feel the confidence and security to engage in relationships and participate in learning experiences.
  • In providing a safe physical environment to minimise accidents and hazards.
  • In the importance of a healthy balanced diet which has variety and reflects the cultures of the centre.
We achieve this by:

Working to provide a safe and nurturing environment which priorities the care of each child. Assessing the service for safety aspects daily and throughout each day. Collaborating and creating a menu based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines which also reflects the cultures of the centre and age appropriateness of the children.

Physical Environment

In relation to the Physical Environment we believe:
  • That children share the responsibility to care for the world and environment around us.
  • That a safe, engaging and attractive physical environment with multiple natural resources will effectively support children to engage and enhance their skills in meaningful ways.
We achieve this by:

Modelling care and respect for the environment and creating opportunities for children to engage in the natural world. Educators will collaborate with one another to create warm and welcoming environments using natural materials.


In relation to Educators we believe:
  • In the importance of well-trained professionals who share goals and aspirations.
  • That all our professionals have abilities and experiences which can enrich our centre.
  • That our Educational Leaders will challenge, motivate, and mentor all professionals when opportunities arise.
We achieve this by:

By engaging in meetings and promoting open communication amongst professionals; providing opportunities for educators to develop their professional knowledge. We will engage in respectful relationships with one another and share our skills generously.


In relation to Children we believe:
  • That the first five years of life are integral to children’s learning and development as well as forming their self-identity .
  • That children are knowledgeable people who come to us from a diverse range of backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences behind them.
  • That providing a secure, loving and stimulating environment will encourage children to have positive, co-operative behaviour.
  • That we should encourage interactions in individual, small and large group experiences.
  • That interactions and connections facilitate development, learning and understanding.
We achieve this by:

Supporting children’s unique identity, self-esteem, independence, agency and initiative. We will value children’s differences and rights; endeavouring to cater for all children’s individual needs, building warm trusting relationships. We will model and teach appropriate behaviour and consult with parents/guardians if needed. Building warm and trusting relationships with each child. Only using electronic devices used as a supplement to program experiences.

Partnerships with Families

In relation to Partnerships with Families we believe:
  • That families are children’s first teachers and that their role in their child’s learning and development will always be central.
We achieve this by:

Building partnerships with families; recognising the expertise and cultural values, engaging and encouraging parents to participate in, and help to develop, our centre and share in decision making about their child’s learning and well-being. Supporting and providing information to cater for families, their needs and interests.

Partnerships with Communities

In relation to Partnerships with Communities we believe:
  • That children learn from and are influenced by the community in which they live.
  • That in providing resources for parents/guardians about community services and resources to support parenting, family well-being, child development and health.
We achieve this by:

Reflecting and incorporating our local community in the daily life of our centre and having resources and information readily on hand to support our families. Facilitating connections between our children, their families and our local community.

Governance & Leadership

In Relation to Governance & Leadership we believe:
  • That continuous improvement is key to provide high quality and best practice.
  • In meeting Government regulations and law, using the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework to provide quality education and care for all children.
We achieve this by:

Working alongside ACECQA and the NSW and Australian government to ensure regulations are implemented and abided by. Continuously self-assessing and finding strengths and improvements within the service to provide quality care and education for all children and families. Educators will be encouraged to engage in regular development and management will provide the support needed to educators to build on their skills and knowledge.

We acknowledge the guidance of the EYLF(Early Years Learning Framework) and the NQF(National Quality Framework) in developing this philosophy as well as the contributions of our professionals and families.