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In relation to Educational Programs & Practices we believe:

That our educational program reflects an interest based curriculum and follows the guidelines set by ACECQA, NQF and EYLF. We will stimulate children, respecting their differences, by providing planned and unplanned play based environments, providing experiences and using a variety of teaching strategies. We aim to scaffold children’s learning and holistic development by maintaining high expectations and engaging in meaningful interactions between all stakeholders. The environment is to be used as the third teacher to provide for children’s choices, to help them to accept responsibility and to engage them in learning through hands on experiences. Throughout the program children will be offered opportunities to build self-help skills and independence. Children’s culture, community and voice will be heard and used to form the program and practices. Information technology will only be used in ways which support and extend learning opportunities.

In relation to Children's Health & Safety we believe:

In the importance of caring for the children so that they feel the confidence and security to engage in relationships and participate in learning experiences. We will offer children the opportunity to develop their physical capabilities, and their judgement, by promoting risky play, within the safety of a well supervised environment. We understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet which reflects the cultures of our families and incorporates their input and the input of children. A healthy lifestyle also incorporates opportunities for quiet times, and we will provide comfortable places for sleep and rest.

In relation to the Physical Environment we believe:

That our physical setting and the learning environment are secure and stable, yet flexible enough to ensure that each child is able to build on the strengths and abilities that will enable them to achieve their full potential. We will provide a warm, welcoming home like environment, that is inclusive, stimulates & challenges children, encompassing a variety of resources especially natural resources supporting children to engage and enhance their skills in meaningful way. We strive to empower children to love their environment by engaging and involving them in sharing the responsibility to care for it and the world around us, enriching them for the future. We use recycled and reusable items in our curriculum and inculcate the children with the concept of caring for, saving and preserving the environment as part of our duty to society.

In relation to Educators we believe:

    In the importance of passionate, well-trained educators who share goals and aspirations and do whatever it takes to facilitate children’s holistic learning, exploration and interest. Educators work as a team, collaborating, respecting one another & supporting each other to grow as professionals. Educator’s culture, knowledge and strengths are to be utilised to enhance the program and relationships between children, families, the community and educators, advocating for diversity.

    In relation to Relationships with Children we believe:

    That interactions help them to build a feeling of belonging, to form their self-identity and to facilitate their learning and development. Providing a secure, loving and stimulating environment will encourage children to have positive, co-operative behaviour. Educators are co-learners with children, following their ideas and valuing their knowledge. Children are knowledgeable and capable people who come to us from a diverse range of backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences behind them. Children’s voices are to be heard throughout our program and practices and educators will advocate for children’s dignity and rights at all times. We will endeavour to encourage meaningful interactions in small and large group experiences where children can learn from and help one another while also giving children the opportunity to engage in self-directed, individual experiences

    In relation to Partnerships with Families and Communities we believe:

    Families are children’s first teachers and their role in their child’s learning and development will always be central. We have an “Open Door Policy” which aims to facilitate and encourage a flow of communication and decision making while maintaining confidentiality and respects the privacy and expectations of each family and their culture. We provide families with support and information to assist them in their parenting role, child development, health and interests. We partner with industry professionals and invite members of the community where possible to provide additional education support and cultural identity to expand our rich curriculum.

    In relation to Governance & Leadership we believe:

    In striving for best practices through a process of continuous improvement. We are guided by Government regulations and law, using the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework to provide high quality care, education, equity and fun for all children. Effective leadership from our educational leaders and nominated supervisors challenges, motivates and mentors for all our educators. In this way educators take on new opportunities and build knowledge, confidence and understanding of their role and responsibilities.

    We acknowledge the guidance of the EYLF(Early Years Learning Framework) and the NQF(National Quality Framework) in developing this philosophy as well as the contributions of our professionals and families.