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School Readiness

Transitioning to school is the process and time in which children prepare to go to primary school. It is a major milestone in a child’s life and for you as parents too. Primary school does present new challenges; however, we as educators and caregivers can try to do our best to make this a positive experience for everyone. Nonetheless, we need to be sure that we do not place too much emphasis on the event because we don’t want to cause your child unnecessary stress.

The educators at Children's Village are committed to engaging in a Positive School Start in which children, families and the local community can participate through feedback and interests, to help develop our school readiness program.

Working together with families and the community we will discuss the routine and expectations of 'Big School' with the children so they are not so overwhelmed.

Throughout our play-based program, we are able to balance the developmental domains of cognitive skills (thinking and problem-solving skills), language skills, social-emotional skills, physical skills such as fine and gross motor skills. This is essential as the overall development of a child is what is required for 'school readiness'.

Children’s Village programs provide children to access, practise and use the skills needed for children to transition to primary school. During this time the staff at Children's Village are committed to giving feedback to families through checklists, communication and parent-teacher interviews as well as engaging in experiences such as lunchbox month, news, excursions to the local primary school and school readiness information night for families.

We will continue to use feedback and interests from families, the community and children to create a space for learning that will endeavour to expand on all children’s development for a smooth transition to school.